Virtual studio

  • Integrated search research engine based on clients forms.
  • what technology do we need and how it integrates together – AutoCAD – Home design – 3 D – rendering – video production. 
  • trailer with initial possibilities
  • how do we integrate this together. 
  • no dependancy – flexibility.
  • we need a full AI review across the board
  • virtual reality enhancement analysis Virtual
  • Iframe of projects from Autocad, rendering etc.
  • virtual competitive events. 
  • unity

The goal is to select a suite of software to optimise interactions and collective production of 3d content intended to all counterparts throughout the  realisation of a project.

from analysing clients project – to producing documentation for technical realisation. this is also going to be the main area of production for marketing content. An open platform bringing together specialists from many horizons around the client project. the studio is central – the client should see his project gathered in a virtual room – could be sketchy iframe – or blender – we can load a bank of 3d assets – using luma ai – create his full interior or sketch first idea of a construction – how do we integrate this then into pro software from CAD suite – can we process a single file ? do we need duplex views ? or can we import export the files easily ?